Volunteers Voice

Clara Sibaud

I really enjoyed my time here at Kings, particularly being with 3rd and 4th standard and the children who go to study prep, as well as helping out in the kitchen and swimming with the older girls. I found the school environment very nice to be in as it is relaxed yet hard-working and all the children clearly enjoy going to school. The children and staff are all incredibly friendly and made us feel like a part of the school, even though I was not here for very long. I would definitely recommend it.

Barrai Hennebry

This is my fifth visit to Kings World Trust for Children and Kings School and I believe each visit has strengthened my relationship with the organisation and the children. My first visit was in 2009 and I have been lucky enough to return regularly since. Since the first visit I have seen the school grow considerably; there has been additional buildings built and an increase in the size of the bus fleet. The recent addition of the CBSE curriculum has also been a massive achievement. I have also had the great privilege of witnessing the children grow up. Some of the children that have now started their first year in university, I can remember teaching them when they were in standard 8 in Annaikulum school. Despite the growth of the school the community atmosphere still exists, and this small community is very willing to welcome new members from all over the World. The staff members are always willing to help, the teachers appreciate input from the volunteers and the students always enjoy chatting with new visitors. All it takes is a little effort and a friendly attitude.

Ginny Troughton

My time at Kings has gone a lot quicker than I thought it would. I’ve had the chance to get to know so many of the students, through the short drama production, playing sport, study time and just talking to people around the school. It is a very impressive school, but for me what makes it special is the students themselves. The way the whole school seemed to go and watch the basketball team play in their tournament and how much fun they have with each other. It was daunting coming here to begin with but after a while I realised that a teenager in India is just like a teenager in England, they like to talk about the same things be it music or sport and they just want to chat and have fun. I was immediately put at ease. The teaching style is very different to the one I am used to but the students really seem to engage and enjoy their study, at least the ones that I saw. I have the upmost respect for any teacher anywhere in the world, it’s not a job I envy.

We had the opportunity to go to Baywatch on a borders trip which I think was the turning point for me and I really started to enjoy myself. Although the park itself may not be Alton Towers it was a great chance to spend time with the students in an informal setting and to get to know them better. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff and especially to the students who have made this experience so unforgettable.

N.B: I would also like to say to Colin – the Chairman, that I know he thought I was joking but if he ever does want to set up a saddle club, I would absolutely love to come out and help. I’m sure a degree in zoology would be more than sufficient to be a riding school teacher.

Claire Murray

I very much enjoyed my time at Kings School. It is so refreshing to see people from all different cultures working together for such a good cause. In the school it is easy to see that everyone is passionate about making a better educational culture for children. The teachers, heads, and directors in fact everyone works so hard because they believe in the cause. I truly believe that the school is making such a big difference in each and in everyone of the children’s lives. The range of courses and the quality of the facilities is more than I could have ever expected. The way the staff and children work together is such a credit. It is easy to see the children are getting the best possible education and start in life. For me I think the most touching thing was hearing about some of the backgrounds of the children yet they have come so far in the face of adversity. I think the school, teachers, children, directors represent hope and integrity. Over the course of my stay I watched several children gain awards for being outstanding in a range of subjects and I have no doubt in my mind it’s down to the hard work of everyone at the school. Even with the difficult changes that have been introduced by the government the school has still found a way to help and nurture children who need it the most in the outreach programme. I was touched to have several conversation with Jeromi about what the school has done and what the school is looking to do to help families that need it the most. The school really represents the greater good. I really hope to return in the future!