KWTC operates a Volunteer/Intern programme which attracts skilled and unskilled interns of all ages. Interns currently come from the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia. The only requirement is English and a commitment to working with disadvantaged children and young people from different cultures. Interns make a very valuable contribution to the work of Kings in India.

Selection procedures for Volunteers :

  •  Aged 17 or over
  •  Complete and submit application form
  •  Provide 3 references specifying suitability to work with disadvantaged children
  •  Attend an interview in UK
  •  Fundraise a minimum of £ 500 for KWTC before departure to India
  •  Provide a Police DBS Report
  •  Pay own flight to India
  •  Pay for food and accommodation in Trust purpose built accommodation in India. (approx. £12 a week)

 Submit a feedback before depature from India.

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